Every time you enter your favourite casino, you’d naturally drift towards your regular table or usual games. Maybe you have tried a couple of the others and forgotten about them because it is only normal to find the more notable names in gambling games more appealing. Yes, you have your poker, your roulette and blackjacks, everyone’s favourites. But it would be fun to explore the other games that are available to you. Since you wouldn’t want to go there being utterly oblivious to what is happening, we are here to introduce to you a few of the not so well-known casino games that you can check out the next time you go gambling.

Casino War

Casino War is a card game in which you make a wager. After the dealer gives you a card, the value of the card is compared to the value of the dealer’s card, and you win money if your card is higher. If there is a tie, you must surrender or go to war. By going to war, you’ll raise your bet by your initial wager, and the dealer will give you another card. Before you plat at a real casino, do give the online game a try.


Two-up is an Australian game, and it involves tossing two coins and betting on the face it lands on. You bet on either head or tails and win if both the coins land on the face you bet. The game often involves a big crowd and takes the form of an extremely entertaining spectacle.


Sic Bo

This game originated in China, and you’ll be playing it using three dice. Sic Bo is played by betting on the outcomes of the dice. You choose the numbers you bet on, win if the dice show them and lose if they don’t. You can find an online game to hone your Sic Bo skills before you take on other players.

777 dice

777 dice is a game that depends on the rolling of two dice. If you get a total of seven, you’d be given an extra round. If you roll a total of seven two more times one after the other, you will win thirty times your bet.


Pai Gow Poker

Pai Gow Poker makes use of a 52- deck playing card and a joker. Six players and a dealer play the game, whose objective is to beat the banker. The banker doesn’t necessarily have to be the dealer. You are dealt two cards and you will choose two pairs to create a high hand and a low hand. Your hands are compared to the banker’s hands, and the winner is determined.

These games might be unfamiliar to you, or you might have heard of them before. Next time you open your phone for a round of online gambling or you visit a casino, keep these in mind and give them a try.